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BLOSSOM DAWN - a magical romance


The conclusion of the Heartsense trilogy continues the story of Dalton and Sienna. Their friends are getting married and starting families, but not everything is perfect. An old nemesis returns to his wayward pursuits...

     Pregnancy takes an unexpected twist for Sienna Hunter as baby Joshua, having gotten some sense of the outside world, pushes his mother to have induced labor two months early. The arrival of family life continues to provide trials and blessings. Dalton’s career as an artist in photography and Sienna’s efforts in her parent’s philanthropic corporation are providing success. With the arrival of daughter Bailey, the Hunters feel more than fortunate.

     It also begins the story of their children. As he grows up, Joshua will be challenged. Unlike his parents who found their one true love through their mental connection, Josh has found two that share his talent. Sister Bailey will have her own difficulties choosing between a boy who shares the mental gift and one

who does not.

     The advancing years will test everyone in the family. Sienna will try to come to terms with the fact that the woman in the mirror is vastly different from the girl she once was. The children will grow up surrounded by love but learn that life means making difficult choices. Dalton will have to decide if the life he built in

his twenties and thirties still provides fulfillment now that his forties are underway.



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