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     It is with the greatest pleasure that I say "hello" and hope you will enjoy looking over my author website.

     Blossom Dawn represents the completion of an effort that began more than seven years ago. The Heartsense Trilogy has been a labor of love and I hope reading the trilogy will bring you some of the same sense of peace and pleasure that I find whenever I get immersed in a good read. Just a note on the website, the most recent book is shown first with the first two in a dropdown from that one.

     The inspiration for the initial story came from a piece of jazz music that spoke to me for a long time, begging me to bring it to life. When I finally could ignore the request no longer, I began by writing a screenplay which took a year and then created the Hurry Moon  novel which took three additional years. It has been quite a journey.

Now, at last, A new vision is added. Mirror Image is the first book of a related trilogy  titled Mindvision. The new series will be just a touch darker with a focus on new characters, but including many of those from Heartsense. Please enjoy the new details.

I just finished this book and could not put it down. Paul does a great job of pulling me into the story. I loved the ending and cannot wait until the sequel comes out! I highly recommend this book to anyone!! Thanks for making this such an enjoyable reading experience Paul!!!

Review for Hurry Moon


I anxiously waited for the 2nd book to come out... I was not disappointed! If possible, A Trace of Echoes, was even better than Hurry Moon! I was told not to cheat and jump to the end to find out what happens... I was tempted to cheat a few times but didn't. Man! Was I happy I didn't cheat! The last chapter brought me to tears, goosebumps and a big smile - what an array of emotions!! Now, I am even more anxious for the third book to be released!!!!

Review for A Trace Of Echoes

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