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CRESCENT SHADOW - a magical romance

The second volume of the Mindvision trilogy introduces us to the Wilson twins: Hart and Hope. They both are fortunate in the lifestyle that their parents have provided. Now as they face the outcomes of the decisions they have made, life awaits...

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The Wilson twins, Hart and Hope are two sides of the same coin. Hart's pregnant wife Courtney has moved to North Carolina to escape his unfaithful ways and the shock of discovering the talent he calls Awareness.


Meanwhile, Hope's marriage to Laurent is full of bliss and more, including a pregnancy of her own. The day of Courtney's delivery is one of new beginnings. A child for her and a chance for Hart to return to his wife and claim his family. Soon enough, Hope and Law will share similar blessings.


In New York, Dalton and Sienna Hunter are raising their family. Hart has been obsessed with Dalton for years over a chance encounter the man had with Courtney. It was before he and Court were married, and it was completely
innocent and meaningless, but Hart is unable to let it go. He has discovered the talent Dalton and Sienna share called the connection.


So begins the conflict. Hart's family and friends with their gifts of Awareness and more faced by those in Dalton's sphere with their connection.


ISBN - 978-0-9910853-6-1

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