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Back in high school, I spent my senior year trying to decide between my interests in art, music and writing. I had some talent in each, but had to try to decide what might give me the best chance of making a living from my creative pursuits.  In college, I added theatre to my list of artistic channels. In the end I chose painting because at that time, I felt that it gave me the best chance to succeed since I would have more control of the product in terms of finding customers and selling to them directly. I spent the next several years having some success as a painter. I won some awards and did some work that others have found enjoyable enough to want to purchase. My painting has given me great satisfaction, but I missed the other forms of expression. If you would like to see some examples of my painting endeavors, please click the button below.

Several years ago, I had an idea for a romantic story where the main character has a lifelong relationship with a girl in his dreams. With the technology now available, I am no longer dependent on others to determine my worth as a writer. I will leave that determination in the hands of those who find the story appealing. Beyond the manuscript, I did the designs for all the covers, though it was my daughter Aly who executed the first cover painting. Self publishing was a pretty easy process and I feel very satisfied with the results.

I have put everything I have into these novels, and I hope you find them each a pleasant read. 

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