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A TRACE OF ECHOES - a magical romance


The second volume of the Heartsense trilogy introduces us to the next phase of Dalton and

Sienna's romantic adventure. Their connection grows and deepens...

A Trace Of Echoes

Dalton Hunter and Sienna Snow have finally met face to face. The connection shared in Dalton’s dreams has developed into a channel that keeps the pair linked continuously. It is a link that holds even more magic, but is not without drawbacks.

Now that Sienna has arrived in New York City, there are plans to be made, a home to furnish and new careers for both of them. Having been forced out of his job at Fashion Expose Magazine, Dalton begins the task of opening his Dream Brink photography studio while Sienna opens an office for her parent’s corporation. Each of them brings family members and friends into their slowly growing circle as they prepare for a fall wedding.

Not everything is blissful. Dalton’s recently ended relationship with Samantha Choice has left some hard feelings behind and a growing animosity in the person of Tony Choice, her father. The strength that Dalton and Sienna find in each other will be tested as a circle of alliances and rivals threatens their happiness.



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