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HURRY MOON - a magical romance


The first volume of the Heartsense Trilogy introduces us to a lonely young boy and the person who slowly brings his emptiness to an end. A vibrant, but equally lonely young girl who changes his life...

     Seven year old Dalton Hunter is about to meet the love of his life, not in the new school he has enrolled in and not on the bus ride home. She’ll be waiting for him when he falls asleep.


     Once Sienna Snow shows up in Dalton’s dreams, the two children begin their nightly magical encounters. Sienna starts as Dalton’s friend and advisor as he faces challenges during the day. There are new schools, first parties, first girlfriends, an interest in photography that she will encourage, and eventually college. As they grow up together deepening feelings arise that neither can deny, but that both struggle to resolve. Dalton often worries that Sienna is imaginary.

     Their magic nights lead to his career in fashion photography. With Sienna as his inspiration, success comes quickly. The resulting recognition attracts the notice of Samantha Choice, editor of Fashion Expose magazine. Samantha is sexy and intelligent. She decides Dalton is her perfect match. Dalton must decide between his dream girl and the real Ms. Choice.



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