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BIG NEWS!Mirror Image received the following positive review recently.
Mirror image is a sci-fi/ Romance novel authored by Paul Steinberg, who has previously authored another sci-fi/ Romance trilogy named ‘Heartsense’. As the novel progresses, we find it to become a more general fiction (adult) than sci-fi.  Hope & Hart Wilson are the central characters of the story and majority of the action takes place in Richmond (USA) and Paris (France). The author has given ample space & time in describing each of the characters in the story whether it is their backstory, thoughts, lifestyle, their taste in clothes and partners. The same descriptive narrative goes for the setting, place, food, accessories and other elements that aptly sets the mood for the scene. Though suspense is the major plot line, the novel is richly weaved with romance and intimate moments with explicit details. The reader should be prepared for frequent switches from intriguing suspense to reckless romance of young couples. 
From the writing style, the author can be assumed to have a British tongue, a French soul and definitely a French palate. The dialogues give the impression of British English and French etiquettes which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The author’s efforts are visible in the occasional illustration of French cuisine, and flawless French greetings  which goes with the setting  of the novel.  Descriptive: is the word to describe the narration, as the author is consistent with his love for detailing every object, and character in the novel, whether it is the way the silverwares are arranged on the dining table or what is going on in the minds & hearts of characters which leads the reader to question why? Is there a hidden string in the backstory, which the reader must be attentive to or is it just the way it has been written. In either of the cases  too much detail may put off the reader, and so the story becomes vulnerable to lose the spell on readers. The novel satisfies the perfect story arc to a large extent if these details are to be excluded. However, the suspense and the curiosity of what happens next will leave the reader captivated till the end. The ending of the novel marks the end to the first phase of the twins journey which will become more complicated and interesting in the next volume of the series. 
Mirror Image is a novel crafted with suspense, thrill, romance, and extravagant gestures and settings. I found the novel to be an interesting read, as I was curious to see the fate of these two siblings and their journey of mysterious revelations. I recommend this novel as an entertaining, rich and bewildering tale to be read with an attentive mind. 
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